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John Pitt -  Kentucky
Dennis Garlough - Canada
Brent Dixon - Tennessee
Chris Wilson - Texas
Don Brock - Indiana
Tom Shafer - Ohio
John Pitt (2nd tractor) - Kentucky
Jarrod Wortmann -  Missouri
Adam Cox - North Carolina
Tom Menges -
Zeb Casper - Maryland
Vern Zerby - Pennsylvania
Sean Smoot - Maryland
Joe Loos - Illinois
Rick Heffelfinger - Iowa
Ricky Tavenner - Virginia
Jeff Mickloiche - Pennsylvania
build pics here
Mark Korth - Wisconsin
Larry Dean - Alabama
Justin Wise
Brian Barman
Tony Wortman - Missouri
Freddie Weston - Tennessee
Kenny Kozusek
Floyd Shingleton - Kentucky
Doug Palmer - Missouri
Brice Mosely - Missouri
Jerry Barrass - Illinois
Butch VonWahlde - Wisconsin
Randy Hervert - Nebraska
Adam Adrian - Wisconsin
Ron and Josh Wachholz - Oshkosh, Wi
Caleb Ogle - Illinois
Roger Ruwe - Nebraska
Adam Diaz - Pennsylvania
Jerry Barrass - Illinois
Chad Webster - Wisconsin
Yeah.  Lets build that...
The tractor that's in your head.   
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Excessive Force (PPL)
Excessive Force (PPL)
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