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these are some shots of a local tractor that was brought in for repairs/updates/custom work
chassis will be stripped and re-painted over the winter
addition of weight racks behind front wheels
before - cracked welds @ turbo mount
before - cracked on front side also
generic clutch pedal and shifters replaced with custom engraved and polished billet parts
before - bent axle
after - solid axle with required skid bars
after - new over/under weight rack
we noticed something when we took the plumbing off the turbos
kinda rough inside
Ok, REALLY rough inside
Stalactites??? Those little bb's will not pass thru turbos (or engines) without causing major damage when they come off
this is good for airflow. NOT
O_o  wow, some new kinda new swirl technique? Pinholes are to keep from building too much boost?
this plumbing is scrap metal - looks ok from the outside, but it's the inside that matters
The configuration of this 2 into one wye is all wrong. Sure it gets air to the right place,
but it has the airflow from each turbo directed toward each other, with no way to separate or divide the air.
What happens if one charger is not putting out the exact same pressure as the other?
Air flows exactly like water. This is the same effect as pointing two garden hoses toward each other, until the two streams collide head on.
Now, picture angling the two garden hoses away from each other, until the two streams
meet at a distance and combine into one large stream with even more velocity....
O-ring seal provides a better transition from the intake tubes into the turbo housing
The plumbing from the two top chargers will be made equal lengths. This is very critical for even, consistent airflow.
ugly silicone connectors and hose clamps replaced with V-bands welded to the housings
o-ring seal is neat and easy to get on/off
exhaust stacks ready for chrome
waste gate discharge tube replaced with stainless steel
billet burst panel contoured to fit 4" aluminum tubing
welded in place and cut inside to blend
polished and assembled
several more pics...
(will open in new window)
More examples of custom work
"Everything has its limit - iron ore cannot be educated into gold."
                                                                 Mark Twain
Yeah.  Lets build that...
The tractor that's in your head.   
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